Thursday, April 30, 2015

Spring Flowers–The Edibles are Blooming!


I was excited to come home from work today and find a multitude of plants blooming that weren’t doing so yesterday. Spring is such a fun time because the plants are changing and growing so much! It is a joy to find new things emerging or blooming each day.

Yea, ok, the above photo isn’t an edible perennial; it is the part of the bulb gardens I planted late last fall with a friend. The crocus already bloomed, and now we appear to be in hyacinth season. They are quite pretty. I love the strong purple color. I also planted some white ones, but those haven’t come up yet. On to the edibles!


Truly the most exciting thing tonight was to see my northstar cherry tree blooming! I hope the bees do their thing and pollinate it. My new honeybees won’t be here for another week or two.

plum tree

The pear tree next to the cherry also started blooming today which is amazing since it has almost no leaves. It only had a few blossoms where the cherry has at least a hundred. 

josta berry

The next surprise is the jostaberry peeking out a few little flowers. Exciting!

black currant

The new black currant I planted is also starting to bloom.

choke berry

The chokeberries have flower buds, but no flowers yet. Soon.

sand cherry

The little sand cherries also have a couple buds.


The serviceberry I planted last weekend is also blooming. It’s not quite a full bloom, it is quite pretty covered in white buds.

siberian bugloss

While not an edible, this siberian bugloss is blooming with the pretty little blue flowers.


I have dozens of tulips, but only this one is blooming so far. It great to look at during the day when it opens up all the way.


Ok, so this isn’t a flower, and it’s kinda blurry, but it’s one of the new sunchokes I planted not even two weeks ago! The honeyberries are also still blooming. I’m having a lot of fun each day wandering around the yard looking at all the changes.

What’s blooming in your yard?

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