Hi! My name is Chris, and I'm an urban gardener.

This blog was created to share the things I am learning about urban gardening. I am interested in sustainable, permaculture, biointensive, beekeeping, organic, and composting. This is not an exhaustive list.

I named this blog “Everyday Urban Gardener” because my gardening space is a typical inner-ring suburban lot of Minneapolis/St. Paul: Lots of grass with a couple mature trees. The “everyday” part is for ordinary or average, not to be confused with “every day”. I have read lots of books, and enjoy growing things.

This space will be to document my successes and failures as I attempt to replace the drudgery of mowing with the satisfaction of growing my own food.

Lets get growing together!

In 2013, I completed a 72-hour Permaculture Design Course


  1. Hey Chris, glad to see you've kept us on this. I've enjoyed the information you have on here. Keep it up.


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