Friday, February 27, 2015

Microgreen Progress

A few days ago, I posted about starting some more microgreens. I started arugula, sunflowers, and wheat (order in pic). You can see the seeds are just starting to sprout. Each day I check on them. If they are getting dry, I give them some water with my sprayer/mister; just enough to keep them moist, but not soaked.

I have them on a shelf in the basement. The seed will do the work getting the plant started. They don't need light yet. I will move them closer to a window once they have some leaves.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Starting Microgreens

After a small hiatus from growing microgreens, I started a couple batches tonight. I planted one teaspoon of arugula seeds in one cup soil and 2/3 cup water. I also started soaking some wheat grass and sunflower seeds to plant tomorrow. I'm reusing old takeout containers for planting trays. They work well and so far have been pretty durable.