Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Garden Update

The days are getting warmer and longer. Things are growing and starting to bloom in the garden! The crocus I planted with a friend last fall are starting to pop up and bloom. I am enjoying looking at them. There are yellow and white flowers. They are so small and delicate. We made three different bulb beds and planted them with dozens of bulbs and several different kinds. I’m excited to see what will appear next.

Just a few feet away the rhubarb is starting to peak out from underneath the mulch. I’m excited to see it appear. I am hoping for a good harvest this year. Last year’s Spring was such a mess it really made the plants struggle.

Finally some purple cabbage has graduated from the seedling area in the basement to life outside. I hope it enjoys its new raised bed home full of finished compost. The darker cabbage is great as kraut, and I’m guessing it would be good as kimchee too. We will have to experiment.

Next to the cabbage, I planted some kale, cilantro, cosmos, and collards. When it gets a bit warmer I will plant some basil and a couple more flowers. Mixing the plants up helps avoid a pest plague from taking over. Each plant attracts different insects and diseases; they should be able to work together to keep the pest problems at a reasonable level.

How is your garden doing?

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