Thursday, April 9, 2015

Getting Free Compost

Getting Compost

Since the municipal compost site opened two weeks ago, I have made several trips to collect the free finished compost. I have built some new raised beds and want to fill it with nutrient rich compost. The price is right as well since the local big box stores are about a dollar for a 40lb bag of compost.

I have my own compost piles in the backyard, but I am not able to produce as much as I need to complete the bed build outs right now. It is a short drive to the compost site, so I’m not using much gas. I am trying to keep it as efficient as possible by filling up nearly every space possible including the trunk, passenger seat, and back seat.

Getting Compost

Hauling it in buckets seems to work really nice right now for several reasons. I think a trailer would be faster, but it would be harder to deal with once I get it home. The free compost is decent quality, but it needs to be screened first. I am using 1/2” hardware cloth to screen mine. There are twigs, rocks, plastic, and other things that don’t compost well mixed in. I even found swimming goggles and a large log last week!

Getting Compost

The buckets make it easy to screen and to haul around the yard once I get home. I’ve filled up my first raised bed, and am now working on my second.

Getting Compost

Check with your local city or county to see if they have finished compost available for pickup.

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