Saturday, June 15, 2013

Our First Shiitake Mushroom

Our first Shiitake mushroom

Our little mushroom log has finally fruited with our first Shiitake mushroom. It looks like something took a little nibble out of it too. darn.

Our first Shiitake mushroom

It grew quite quickly once the little pin popped out the side. It went from nothing to this size in less than four days. The recent rains must have helped it along. I’m excited to see if it tastes good.


  1. Heather squealed with delight when I announced your being mushroom blessed. I added my, "Yay!"

    So? The taste?

    1. It was the first shiitake I've ever eaten or cooked. It was delicious, and this is coming from a guy until three days ago "didn't like mushrooms". I'm ready for more.


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