Saturday, June 29, 2013

Garden Destruction

Last weekend we had a massive storm with very strong winds. It felled my neighbor's tree and took out power for half a million people. We only suffered a few downed tree branches and a short power outage.

A few days later, some guys started taking the rest of the neighbor's tree down. Uninvited, they let themselves in our gated backyard and trampled half our garden. It also appears large logs were dropped on the poor plants. The bed I had just dug destroyed, and the transplants squished. They even stepped on the kiwis we planted a few weeks ago. Grr. There is a shiny new lock on the gate now.

The biggest hit was our giant iris patch. I hope it can recover. The leaves are all brown now. The garlic chives will recover. I am worried about the kiwis.

The neighbor says he's sorry. The only upside to all of this is that my backyard will get a lot more sun. A small consolation. The plants can be replaced and regrown.


  1. Doesn't look like they are done cutting, I certainly hope they aren't leaving that eyesore of a tree. You may want to post a no trespass sign in case they come back.
    Irises are bulbs, they'll come back next year. I would ask the neighbor to foot the bill to replace the other plants though as he should have had the tree taken out before it caused any damage. That is what we did with our Sequoia, we didn't want the liability.

    1. I think they are sone cutting, and if not our backyard gate is now locked. Yup, irises are bulbs. They just finished blooming. Not sure if they had enough time to recharge the bulbs before the leaves were all mangled.

      The tree taking out caused the damage, not actually falling in the storm.

  2. Sad. Plants are hardy when they know you are on their side, and these plants know you are on their side.

    1. Yes, I am on their side. A couple of the potatoes sprouted new leaves. One of the dozen squash is sorta recovered as well. Time will tell about the rest.


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