Sunday, June 30, 2013

More Plants!

Costco had some perennials on sale this weekend, so we bought six different gallon pots. On the way home, we stopped by Egg|Plant and picked up two honeyberry bushes as well.

The plants from Costco are going in a partial shady spot that was recently tore up by heavy machinery. It seemed like a good opportunity to get some more plants versus replanting more grass.

The honeyberry bushes will go in the full sun of the front yard next to the blueberries. We haven't eaten a honeyberry before, but I have read they taste like a blackberry crossed with a blueberry. Sounds great to me. I can't wait to try one.

The eight plants we bought:
  • tundra honeyberry
  • borealis honeyberry
  • autum fire stonecrop (sedum)
  • first frost hosta
  • sentimental blue balloon flower
  • gallo fire gaillardia
  • plum pudding coral bells
  • siberian bugloss

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