Friday, May 22, 2015

Plants plants and more plants! Garden Update

I have been spending a lot of time this year trying to make my yard look nicer and to convert grass and weeds into something useful, tasty, beautiful, or all three.

Raised Beds

The raised beds in the backyard and full of life and starting to supply a small amount of food in the form of collards, cilantro, and garlic chives.

Planting Hostas

The hostas I planted last year were finally seriously mulched and ringed with some free rocks from a friend’s house. I think they are looking really nice. I am glad they all came back. I can’t wait to see how they look at the end of the year all filled in.

Planting Mint

My friend Lisa gave me some mint. I planted it on the side yard. I made a rhizome barrier with part of an old piece of edging to keep it from spreading and taking over the entire yard. It was tempting not to put it in. Mowing the yard and smelling mint would be nice. I decided to keep it contained, so it doesn’t choke out the neighboring plants. I mulched them with some cut grass.


She also gave me a couple clematis. I am hoping they will grow up and cover up the fence. *fingers crossed*

Hostas and Lilys of the Valley

A new combination of hostas, lilies of the valley, and some catnip all mulched and edged with extra wood.

Kiwi and Chives

I was happy to see my arctic kiwis coming back. I hope they take over the fence this year. They have been slow growing so far. I planted a chive plant in the middle to add some color in the mean time. The kiwis used to be in their own small beds, but I combined them into one big one. There is cardboard under the woodchips to help suppress weeds and grass. Sheet mulching FTW!

Planting Hostas

One of my hostas in the backyard was getting to big and blocking the new path. I cut it into ten pieces and spread it along one of the fences. I used some more logs and woodchips to make them look nicer.

How is your garden doing?

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