Monday, May 11, 2015

Planting an American Hazelnut

Planting a Hazelnut Bush

While browsing around the local plant store, I came across this American Hazelnut bush aka Corylus americana. I don’t remember seeing one there before. I am very excited to be able to have nuts in my yard from a medium sized bush.

Planting a Hazelnut Bush

The american hazelnut grows 6-8 feet high and about 6-8 feet wide. It is hardy to –30F and good for USDA zones 4-9 which fits my zone 4 perfectly.

Planting a Hazelnut Bush

I dug quite a large hole about twice the size of the pot and then filled it with finished compost. I did not replace the soil I took out and filled it with finished compost. The soil in my front yard isn’t the greatest. I am hoping the compost will give the plant a good start. I also put a generous amount around the plant on the surface.

Planting a Hazelnut Bush

Next, I covered everything with two layers of cardboard to sheet mulch along with a heavy layer of wood chips. The cardboard will break down over time and add organic matter to the soil. Both will do an excellent job holding moisture and suppressing weeds.

Planting a Hazelnut Bush

A good long slow watering later. The hazelnut is planted and hopefully happy. A week later and it is leafing out nicely. I am looking forward to watching it grow and of course eating some nuts!

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