Friday, July 24, 2015

Garden Flowers

Cosmos Flowers

New flowers seem to be blooming all over the yard and garden. Above are some cosmos. I planted a few, and at least three plants are very healthy and blooming.


The milkweed is just beginning to bloom. This Monarch was nice enough to pose for a photo.


I’m letting some of the Arugula go to seed, so I have some seeds for later. They are blooming as well.


I have a shady spot right by my front door, so I planted some perennial dead nettles. They have tiny little pink flowers. They are establishing themselves nicely in their full shade spot.

Bee Suit Hive Inspection

Milkweed blooming. I have been trying to keep them weed free and mulched slightly to encourage them to take over the area. I am hoping I can get this area as a milkweed nursery, so I can plant more around the yard in the future.

Cilantro Flowers

Some volunteer cilantro is already going to seed. The plants are pretty small, so I won’t be collecting the seeds. I plant to put a new raised bed over the top of this area. The bees and other insects are enjoying the blooms in the meantime.


Laura captured some of these photos with my camera, and I edited them. I think they turned out pretty great.

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