Sunday, June 28, 2015

Garden Flowers, New Elderberry, and New Blueberries

Cosmos Flower

More flowers in the garden are blooming. Above is a Cosmos. This is the first year I’ve grown them. I started them from seed and had a hard time getting them to germinate and grow. I was excited to see this one blooming today!

Orange Lily

My orange Lilies are in full bloom now. There is a bed about twenty feet long and they start blooming from one end until the other. I really like the orange-red color they have. The tallest ones are over five feet tall.

White Clover

A couple small patches of clover have been blooming for a while. I have been mowing around them, so the bees can enjoy them while they last. These are only a few inches tall.  also bought some clover seeds for much taller purple clover. I haven’t planted them yet.

Ranch Elderberry

This is an Elderberry I recently planted. It started blooming just after I bought it. It is a “ranch” variety. It has two small suckers starting already. When they get bigger, I may move them to another part of the yard.

Pink Lemonade Blueberry

Last but not least, this is a pink lemonade blueberry. It doesn’t have any flowers yet. I bought it to perhaps, finally get some blueberries. The other three different varieties I planted a few seasons ago are barely growing. I am starting to think I need to move them to another part of the yard. I tried giving them an organic soil acidifier last spring, but it hasn’t seemed to help. Perhaps a soil test is in order before I make any more changes.

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