Monday, March 16, 2015

Soil Block Update and Microgreens

Seedlings in Soil Blocks

As you can see my soil blocks are growing nicely! I feel like the seedlings are getting a tad leggy, so I want to move the light a bit closer to them. The plants above are broccoli and kale. Kale doesn’t mind being a bit cold, so I can plant it a bit earlier than most.


The microgreens are growing great. I’ve already harvested one whole tray, and will start into the others soon. On the left is some broccoli and in the center some sunflowers. I have these growing in my basement under a light as an experiment. They aren’t growing nearly as fast as in a window, but they are green and healthy. I have a 23W light on them 16 hours a day. It is costs a few cents of electricity a day for this setup.

Have you started planting for Spring yet?

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