Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Planting Hostas and a Lilac

Ural Hauling Hostas

A friend was thinning out her giant hostas and offered me the change to take one home. I couldn’t resist such a generous offer and rode over in the Ural to collect the hosta. It was almost three foot in diameter. A giant. It just barely fit into a plastic storage bin.


I broke the big hosta into large chunks and planted them around one of my spruce trees. Some of the littler hunks I put with some other perennials on the side of the house. In all, the giant hosta turned into about 20 little hostas. I don’t think a couple of them will survive since they were pretty damaged while breaking the roots apart, but I hope they do. I think they will look great in the yard later.


I also planted a small lilac. I’ve wanted one for a while. I love how they smell and look. This one is supposed to only get five foot tall and round. The honeyberry bushes are in the background.


It was a great day for planting. *fingers crossed* everything will survive.

Lilac ‘Miss Kim’ aka Syringa patula. Height: 3-5’, Spread: 4-5’, Hardy to –40F.

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