Saturday, March 1, 2014

Wheatgrass and Other Microgreen Experiments

This winter in Minnesota has been the coldest and snowiest in the last thirty years. I have been craving seeing (and tasting) something green and fresh. While browsing on the web one day, I came across the idea of microgreens: bigger than a sprout, but smaller than a seedling.

It seemed easy enough; plant some seeds and eat the little shoots. I looked around the kitchen for some seeds and found some hard red wheat. I soaked them for a few hours to wake the seeds up and get them to sprout. I wanted to make sure they were still viable before planting. After about a day, they grew little tails.

Wheatgrass microgreens

After poking a few holes in some old take out containers, I densely planted the partially sprouted seeds. I watered every day or so, and a few days later they were two-three inches tall. I’ve been eating some of the wheatgrass every day since. They taste like spring - slightly sweet and spicy at the same time. I like the flavor. They keep growing back too. Nice!

Wheatgrass microgreens

I also tried some kale and chard. The kale grew nicely, but I didn’t plant it dense enough. The chard didn’t do very well. I need to save more seeds this summer. I also have a few other containers started with chia and clover. I’ve heard they both taste good. I really want to try sunflower seeds, but will have to wait for my order of seeds to arrive. I’ve been trying to get them locally, and they keep selling out before I get there.

Get some old containers, some soil, and plant some seeds!

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  1. Wheat grass garden; a great idea I just may replicate.


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