Sunday, October 20, 2013

Jack Dog Farms Harvest Fest

Jack Dog Farms Harvest Fest

This past weekend my friend Corrine had their end of season celebration at their urban farm, Jack Dog Farms. The farm is located on a rented lot in SE Minneapolis. They only started this past may, and it is impressive what they’ve been able to accomplish. They grew so many different veggies and a dozen CSA shares sold.

The most striking thing I saw growing there was the purple tomatoes shown above. I had no idea they came in purple as well. I kind of have a thing for purple veggies, so I might have to try growing these myself next year along side my purple beans, purple potatoes, and purple carrots.


Besides showing off the awesome job on the farm, they bought some apples from a local farmer and borrowed a cider press. I’d had never made apple cider before, so I was excited. I brought a pile of my own apples too.

Jack Dog Farms Harvest Fest

It’s a relatively simple two step process. First put the apples in the red hopper on the top while spinning the big red wheel. After the wooden bucket is nearly full, then put on the pressing cover and start spinning the wooden handle on top to squeeze out every last bit of delicious cider. It was a fun time!

You can find Jack Dog Farms on Facebook here:

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