Friday, September 20, 2013

Growing a Pineapple Part 2

Earlier, I had posted about how to start growing a pineapple from a cutting of the top: Growing a Pineapple Part1. This post picks up where the other left off two months ago.

Pineapple Growing Part2

The pineapple plant is much bigger now and has grown almost a dozen new leaves. I can tell which are the new leaves since I snipped the tips of the original leaves.

Pineapple Growing Part2

A healthy root mass has also developed. I was changing the water every other day or so for the last two months. I think I could have planted it sooner, but it still seems healthy enough.

Pineapple Growing Part2

The pineapple plant potted in the dirt. It has grown more than double in size from before. I’ve been leaving it outside, so it can get maximum sunlight. Once the weather starts getting cooler, I will bring it inside for the winter.

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