Sunday, July 28, 2013

Planting Cherry Bushes

I bought some cherry bushes online. They were so cheap compared to local prices, I couldn't resist. Six for less than $10. I bought a couple hostas for a dollar each as well. Shipping was a flat $10. Nice.

They took a few weeks to arrive, and I was surprised to find them delivered in a big green bag. They were shipped bare-root which makes sense after thinking about it. Soil is heavy and messy; why pay to ship it?

I dug the six holes and planted them with some better black dirt. The soil I took out was grey, and didnt look very nice. The new dirt should help them get established.

I added lots of mulch around them to help retain moisture. The woodchip mulch was free from the county yard waste site. I planted them in a row, so hopefully they will make a small hedge. At full size, they are supposed to be five foot tall and across. It will take a year or two beforw they start producing cherries. Time to water and wait.

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